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June 23rd: some reasons to feel very edgy

The phrase ‘strange bedfellows’ doesn’t really do justice to the oddballs lining up to support the call for the UK to leave the EU.
The eccentric and earnestly intellectual Justice Secretary Michael Gove teams up with Iain Duncan Smith – the self-styled ‘Quiet Man’ who had to be toppled as Tory leader some years ago in quite a noisy coup. They find themselves in the same camp as maverick Labour parliamentarian Kate Hoey, UKIP’s Nigel Farage and George Galloway, the former MP for Celebrity Big Brother.
If Boris de Pfeffel Johnson breaks his silence and say that he’s joining them, it would seem entirely fitting. The outgoing London Mayor would be the celebrity icing on the fruitcake.
Under normal circumstances, you’d have to bet that the campaign to ‘remain’ had a pretty good chance against this mob. Surely common sense will prevail and the public will rally around the mainstream politicians of all political parties who understand the importance of our involvement with the European Union?