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How Sadiq Khan's big tent diminishes Corbyn

No one – perhaps with the honourable exception of Tony Blair – gets the Corbynistas as hot under the collar as Sadiq Khan.
Remember how the London Mayor had been reportedly allocated to a ‘hostile’ list, even after he’d made the very silly mistake of lending his nomination to Jez last year? Long before the election campaign in the capital, the left-wingers knew that he didn’t share their agenda, but they probably had no idea just how independently minded Khan was going to prove to be.
He made a point of eschewing contact with Corbyn during the run-up to the May vote, knowing that association with the hard left was going to win over very few wavering voters.  Immediately after Khan’s victory, Corbyn returned the favour by heading down to the west country to celebate with the new Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees. 
The decision couldn’t have been more pointed. Corbyn knew that the victory in London was one of the few bulwarks that he had against a challenge to his pitiful leadership. He